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Question: Do I have just cause to fire an employee if my employee refuses to be vaccinated in violation of my vaccination policy?

Just Cause To Fire An Employee As Per Vaccination Policy in Mississauga ON Area

Employers have an obligation to keep their workplaces safe. This obligation is found in the Occupational Health & Safety Act. For this reason, many employers have implemented mandatory vaccination policies. The Ontario government has also created policies requiring some employees to be vaccinated as a term and condition of their continued employment. These vaccination policies threaten to terminate the employment of any employee who refuses to be vaccinated but is this legal? Just cause is a very high threshold for any employer to meet. The Ontario Courts have consistently concluded that just cause is a form of capital punishment in employment … Continue reading

Skilled litigators of Mississauga law firm handle cases of sexual assault and harassment on policewomen

Skilled Litigators of Mississauga Law Firm Handle Cases of Sexual Assault and Harassment on Policewomen

Since #MeToo was first established in 2006, its effects have rippled through society, not limiting itself to high-profile cases in the entertainment industry. In Canada, the movement has inspired courageous women from all walks of life, such as students, businesswomen, and even policewomen, to report sexual assault and harassment and hold those who have hurt them accountable for their crimes. As one of many examples, Ottawa’s Rape Crisis Centre has reported a 100% spike in demand for its violence support services in the past year. Our labour law community in Mississauga, alongside Human Resources professionals, have also generally noted marked … Continue reading

Legal advice on labour laws from Mississauga lawyer

Legal Advice on Labour Laws from Mississauga Area Lawyer

Labour laws are designed to help manage and regulate the relationship between employers and unions. When conflicts between these two organizations arise, seeking legal advice from an experienced labour lawyer like Gary A. Bennett at GAB Law Firm in Mississauga, ON can make the difference between an expedited resolution that is amenable to both parties and a costly, time-consuming battle in arbitration or Labour Board proceedings. Labour law guidance Gary A. Bennett specializes in labour and employment law matters, helping employers and unions which gives him a well-rounded perspective and unique insights into how to resolve matters quickly and effectively. … Continue reading

Get a legal consultation from Mississauga law firm specializing in employment, labour, and civil litigation.

Get a Legal Consultation from Mississauga Law Firm Specializing in Employment, Labour, and Civil Litigation.

When you are in the midst of a disagreement that has potential legal ramifications, finding a professional legal service you can trust to serve your best interests while remaining cost-effective is vital. At GAB Law Firm, you can get a legal consultation from Gary A. Bennett, who is known and respected throughout the Mississauga, ON area for his expertise in labour, employment, and civil litigation law. Labour law Gary Bennett offers a breadth of labour law expertise that is uncommon in the field. Rather than representing only unions or employers, he has had the advantage of working with both sides … Continue reading

Mississauga employment lawyer helps protect employees from discrimination and harassment


A healthy workplace benefits both the employee and the business. Employees work best and attain their highest abilities in a safe and protected environment. However, not all workplaces are free from harassment or discrimination and it is important for employees to understand their employment rights and legal protections. Gary Bennett of GAB Law Firm in Mississauga has helped countless employees and businesses who are experiencing discrimination and harassment in the workplace. What is workplace harassment? Workplace harassment can generally be described as improper and unwanted conduct directed to an employee. It can include acts, comments, or other displays that demean, … Continue reading

How to find employment law advice in Mississauga


For many years clients have been turning to Gary Bennett in Mississauga for advice related to labour and employment law. His depth of experience includes working with both businesses and employees and unions to providing perspective and insightful legal advice. Mr. Bennett understands that finding a lawyer you trust can be challenging and offers the following tips and considerations. Why you need an employment lawyer Employment-related issues such as terminations, non-competition agreements, workplace discrimination or harassment, wages and benefits, health and safety, and family and medical leaves often lead to disputes between a business and an employee, or employees. Employment … Continue reading

Summary of Bill 148: what Mississauga employers need to know

Bill 148 became law in Ontario in November 2017. It changes several existing statues, including the Employment Standards Act 2000. There are numerous changes. Not all of them will be easy to comply with. Many of them will change the way employers do business. All of them will enhance the protections given to employees. Below is a summary of some of the key changes that we see impacting our Mississauga ON clients. Changes already in effect As of November 27, 2017 Employers cannot require employees to wear high heeled or other elevated footwear unless it is required for safety reasons. … Continue reading

What Mississauga employers need to know about medical marijuana in the workplace:


As the Cannabis Act takes effect, there is a great deal of confusion, especially regarding medical marijuana. Several clients at our Mississauga ON practice have asked how the new legislation will impact the rights of employees as well as employers. The short answer is that essentially, it doesn’t. Medical marijuana in the workplace has been an issue for employers since the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) law passed in 2001. The Cannabis Act which is expected to come into force in July 2018, is specific to recreational use. However, with legalization and de-stigmatization, the issue is becoming more common, and … Continue reading

What Mississauga businesses owners need to know about termination clauses in employment contracts?


When a business hires a new employee, everyone hopes it will be a long and fulfilling relationship. However, in some cases, the employee is not the right fit for the organization, doesn’t fulfill job responsibilities, or performs actions that are simply incompatible with remaining in the job. For these reasons, it is important for employers to have termination clauses in their employment contracts. Gary Bennett of GAB Law Firm in Mississauga helps his clients create contracts that protect their businesses while being honest and transparent to manage employee expectations. What are termination clauses? A termination clause is an agreement between … Continue reading

Mississauga lawyer helps clients understand Ontario labour laws

Get better understand of Ontario labour laws from GAB Law Firm Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

As a unionized employer it is valuable to have a relationship with a lawyer who can help ensure that you understand Ontario’s labour laws, set up the proper policies for your workplace, and assist in creating a positive working relationship with the union. Gary Bennett in Mississauga works with management and unions giving him a unique perspective on many labour issues. What does a labour lawyer do? Labour law governs the relationship between corporations and the unions who organize their employees. Legal services of a labour lawyer include: Counseling and compliance – Businesses must comply with many laws and regulations, … Continue reading

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Saad M. "I reached out to Mr. Bennett for career mentoring, to which I received passionate mentor-ship with no self-interest of his own, but rather a commitment and a desire to see young legal-professionals grow. My experience with Mr. Bennett has led me to conclude that he is very knowledgeable and a master of his craft, willing to go above and beyond to assist those in need."
JZW "I met Gary by chance when I just planned to start my own practice. During the year, what Gary offers me is more than a mentor can do, real supports as a friend indeed, precious and knowledgeable legal advices and sharing experience in legal practice. And most importantly, he is a such nice and friendly lawyer and you will never regret to meet him. Highly recommend!"
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Abraham L. "I have had a working relationship with Gary Bennett for over 10 years. During that time he has helped me navigate the pitfalls of employment and staff with sound advice and services. While working with a lawyer can often feel daunting, and the legal system overwhelming, Gary Bennett and his staff at GAB have always taken a very personal approach helping me get through legal challenges that all business owners encounter. Gary and the team at GAB have always come through and I consider them an essential part of my business team."
Vanessa K. "Gary is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. He is very helpful and extremely professional. Definitely would recommend Gary to anyone in need of his services."