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“When I found myself in need of a labour lawyer, a family member recommended Gary. I now understand why. Gary was incredible. He asked me lots of good questions. He gathered all the information. He gave me many valuable tips about labour law and pitfalls to avoid in the future. I have no hesitation in recommending Gary to anyone seeking thorough, wise counsel. I would definitely call him again.”


Civil litigation generally refers to the court process used to fight contractual disputes and other disputes that are not covered by Canada’s criminal laws. Individuals and businesses who behave poorly may be sued for their poor behaviour or for failing to uphold their end of a written or aural agreement. Gary Bennett is a civil litigation lawyer serving Mississauga, the Greater Toronto Area, Oakville, Brampton and Burlington. Gary Bennett is committed to protecting the interests of his clients.

The intent of the civil justice system is to hold individuals and businesses accountable for their actions, or lack thereof when they fail to uphold the bargains and contracts they have made. If you require legal assistance after being treated unfairly by a company or an individual, Gary Bennett will help you navigate the court system to reach a suitable resolution.

Gary Bennett offers his clients resourceful and effective representation in a wide range of civil litigation matters, as well as corporate commercial disputes. He has appeared in all levels of court in Ontario, including the Federal Court of Appeal and the Ontario Court of Appeal. Gary Bennett vigorously represents his clients throughout the civil litigation process, whether working to advance or defend legal claims on their behalf. Gary Bennett understands litigation is expensive. Gary works hard to achieve cost-effective resolutions through mediation and arbitration when possible.

If you find yourself in need of legal assistance to successfully handle a civil litigation dispute, even if you have already received court papers that require your response, you are not alone. Gary Bennett can provide you with the legal advice to help you successfully navigate through your situation and the civil litigation process.

A consultation with Gary Bennett can be made by calling or emailing GAB Law Firm at info@gablawfirm.ca.

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