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Labour Law Mississauga

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“I can’t ever thank Gary enough for everything he did for me. I felt as if my world was turned upside down, and everything I had worked so hard for had been taken away. Not only did Gary get the results I wanted, but the professional and caring manner in which it was handled has left a lasting impression on me.”

Labour Law Mississauga

Gary Bennett’s labour law practice in Mississauga is unique. Gary represents a mixture of unionized employers, unions, and employee associations. In the area of labour law, many lawyers commit themselves to one side or the other, representing only one type of clients, either the union or the employer. This way of practice puts the lawyer at risk of developing tunnel vision, limiting their ability to see the overall picture in the arguments in which they are involved.

Gary Bennett brings years of experience to each case. He has assisted employers after the formation of union, negotiated collective agreements, worked with clients in the collective bargaining process, and conducted grievance arbitrations to uphold employee terminations.

Gary Bennett has also helped employees to certify a union or employee association and followed the process to obtain approval with the Ontario Labour Relations Board. He has helped unions and employee associations in the collective bargaining process negotiate contracts, and has argued various grievances that have arisen along the way which compelled employers to reinstate terminated union members.

Gary Bennett is committed to providing his business clients and union clients with the best legal advice and service that will protect their interests. Whenever possible, Gary will successfully assist his clients to avoid costly labour relations disputes and improve their relationships in the workplace.

When called upon to do so, Gary Bennett has decertified unions to assist employees who want to be free from a unionized work environment. He has decertified several unions in various sectors across Ontario. Therefore, he brings a wealth of experience to the labour relations process.

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