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186 Robert Speck Parkway, Suite 201, Mississauga,
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Welcome To GAB law firm

GAB Law Firm is located in Mississauga, providing quality legal services to clients throughout Ontario. Gary A. Bennett is the Managing Partner at GAB Law Firm. Gary has been practicing labour law, employment law, and civil litigation since 2000. Gary A. Bennett has the experience, expertise, and record of success that you want on your side.

Choosing the right lawyer

Whether you are a business executive facing labour disputes, a human resources professional making disciplinary or termination decisions, an employee who has been wrongfully dismissed, or an individual involved in a contract dispute, you know that the right lawyer can make all the difference in your situation.

You need a lawyer with in-depth knowledge of the Ontario court system, regulatory bodies, and laws.

You want the peace of mind that comes with having solid, reliable, counsel and advice you can count on. Gary will treat you with respect and integrity. Gary is dedicated to providing the best possible legal services for his clients.

  • Counseling and representation for employers, employees, labour unions, and other associations
  • Experienced in discrimination cases, workplace injuries, terminations, regulatory compliance, and much more
  • Civil litigation representation for businesses or individuals involved in contract disputes in the courts

Strategic solutions, optimal outcomes

Gary has earned a reputation for honesty, integrity, and fiercely advocating the best interests of his clients. He pursues every legal avenue to protect your interests in a cost-effective manner.
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