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Legal advice on labour laws from Mississauga lawyer

Labour laws are designed to help manage and regulate the relationship between employers and unions. When conflicts between these two organizations arise, seeking legal advice from an experienced labour lawyer like Gary A. Bennett at GAB Law Firm in Mississauga, ON can make the difference between an expedited resolution that is amenable to both parties and a costly, time-consuming battle in arbitration or Labour Board proceedings.

Legal Advice on Labour Laws from Mississauga Area Lawyer

Labour law guidance

Gary A. Bennett specializes in labour and employment law matters, helping employers and unions which gives him a well-rounded perspective and unique insights into how to resolve matters quickly and effectively. Gary Bennett’s unique experience allows him to use strategic legal planning. Common issues that Gary Bennett advises on include:

  • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements, including how to operate the collective agreement, work stoppages, strikes, and injunctions
  • Working through grievances such as discrimination, family and medical leave, terminating and reinstating employees, and other issues in the workplace
  • Business compliance with collective agreements and local and federal laws to ensure that company policies and procedures protect both the business and employees, and employees know their rights
  • Certifying unions or employee associations so that they can be approved by the Ontario Labour Relations Board
  • Decertifying unions when employees wish to work in a non-unionized workplace

With a breadth of labour law expertise and experience in representing both employers and unions, Gary A. Bennett is uniquely positioned to help you with a wide range of labour law matters. Whether you are planning your policies and procedures to protect the future of your business or need help resolving issues that have arisen, a consultation with Gary A. Bennett at GAB Law Firm in Mississauga can give you the tools and resources you need. He has a reputation for honesty, integrity, and commitment to pursuing all possible pathways to achieve the best outcomes for his clients, and will treat you with the respect your company or union deserves. Visit us online to request a consultation or call us at (365) 800-2090 today.

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Mr. Bennett Gary

GAB Law Firm - Gary A. Bennett

A graduate from the University of London and the University of Western Ontario, Mr. Bennett was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2000. With over 20 years of experience in his field, he founded GAB Law Firm and the House of Law.

Mr. Bennett specializes in the field of Employment Law, Labour Law, and Civil Litigation and frequently presents at symposiums and conferences on related subject matter. He has made submissions and presented matters at the Superior Court of Justice, Divisional Court, Federal Court of Appeal in Ottawa and the Ontario Court of Appeal in Toronto.

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Saad M. "I reached out to Mr. Bennett for career mentoring, to which I received passionate mentor-ship with no self-interest of his own, but rather a commitment and a desire to see young legal-professionals grow. My experience with Mr. Bennett has led me to conclude that he is very knowledgeable and a master of his craft, willing to go above and beyond to assist those in need."
JZW "I met Gary by chance when I just planned to start my own practice. During the year, what Gary offers me is more than a mentor can do, real supports as a friend indeed, precious and knowledgeable legal advices and sharing experience in legal practice. And most importantly, he is a such nice and friendly lawyer and you will never regret to meet him. Highly recommend!"
Sherilshops "Knowledgeable, Professional, Empathetic. If you are looking for an experienced professional that listens to your concerns and has the knowledge and the ability to get results this is the Law Firm that you need. I would highly recommend them."
Chris C. "GAB Law Firm is the benchmark for other employment lawyers. The team is very knowledgeable in their area of expertise and they were empathetic to our situation. Gary was able to help us during a tough time and became our voice against a large company that was trying to intimidate and take advantage of us. I would recommend contacting GAB Law Firm 10 times out of 10!"
Abraham L. "I have had a working relationship with Gary Bennett for over 10 years. During that time he has helped me navigate the pitfalls of employment and staff with sound advice and services. While working with a lawyer can often feel daunting, and the legal system overwhelming, Gary Bennett and his staff at GAB have always taken a very personal approach helping me get through legal challenges that all business owners encounter. Gary and the team at GAB have always come through and I consider them an essential part of my business team."
Vanessa K. "Gary is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. He is very helpful and extremely professional. Definitely would recommend Gary to anyone in need of his services."